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Key Techniques for Harp

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100 exercises, studies & tunes - a practice manual of harp techniques, essential for wire and bray harps, and of great advantage to players of gut-strung harps for clean playing and ornamentation of Scottish traditional tunes. Techniques from the Robert ap Huw ms along with some others.

This book will also be of interest to anyone who is intrigued with the music of the Robert ap Huw manuscript, as each of the gestures on p35 of the manuscript are explained and described. These gestures, or fingering movements, are of course essential to play the pieces from the ms, but are also very useful to players of any harp, especially as ways to play decorations and ornamentation in both early and traditional music. They work really well when playing Scottish pipe tunes on the gut-strung harp to clean up the sound and give crisp articulation to the tunes.

A set of 130 mp3 files of Karen playing each piece slowly for learning purposes is available here.
You will get a PDF (3MB) file

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