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The Spy Matchmaker: The Complete Series

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England’s dashing intelligence agents may have met their match, thanks to the Spy Matchmaker.

In Regency England, one man is known as the spymaster, recruiting his daring agents from among the best and brightest of the aristocracy. He is suave, cunning, and an endless romantic, ensuring his cadre of men live happily ever after. From the eager, newly initiated to the world-weary campaigner, these are men used to accepting challenges, righting wrongs. Perhaps their greatest challenge awaits: finding the perfect bride.

Enjoy all three warm, witty full-length novels in the Spy Matchmaker series by an award-wining author:
  • The Husband Mission—Lord Wescott cannot understand why he’s under surveillance, but it seems to be connected to the intriguing Katherine Collins. He’s been encouraged by England’s spymaster to marry, but what wife can compare to espionage? Unless, she’s up for a little espionage too. “A fast-paced riddle of a tale.” RT Book Reviews
  • The June Bride Conspiracy—England’s top intelligence agent Allister Fenwick, Lord Trevithan, is shocked when a mysterious stranger attempts to stop his marriage to the sweet Joanna Lindby. Though he promised to leave espionage behind, he must take this case. Can a little espionage unmask hidden hearts in time for a June wedding? A Top Pick from RT Book Reviews.
  • The Heiress Objective—Heiress Eugennia Welch is stunned when charming Corinthian Kevin Whattling proposes marriage. Once a spy, Kevin is deep in debt. But as he tries to convince Jenny he is besotted, he falls for her. When danger threatens, can they trust each other to win a love greater than any fortune? “A very entertaining story with a fresh approach.” Rendezvous

Spy Matchmaker: All the intrigue of love. Buy your copy today to join the adventure and fall in love.

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The June Bride Conspiracy


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