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Classic Eyelash Manual (49 PAGES)

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Welcome to UnmistakablyRare! Where you can find a variety of online courses to suit you. These book manual have been specially designed for those that can’t easily travel, are unable to travel or are busy with family and work. They are also great for those that may prefer distance learning, on their own time with their own pace and environment.

What’s  Inside? 


Pre Application Safety Protocols


Good Candidates 

Correct Client Cleaning

Eyelash Function 

Eyelash Growth

Allergic Reaction

Skin Reaction

Chemical Burn

Possible Side Effects 

Eyelash Loss 

Sensitivity or Allergic Reactions

Eye Injury or Infection 


Sterilization of Instruments 


Curl Types and Styles 

Curl Thickness

Curl Type

Curl Style

Patch Test

How To Patch Test

Lash & Salon Setup 

What You Will Need

Extension Procedures 

Pre-Appointment Preparation 

Pre-Application Consultation 

Application Process

Isolation Skill

The Art of Isolation 

Lash After Care


Fill Procedures

When To Expect A Fill?

Removal of eyelash extensions

Banana Peel 

Gel Remover

Cream Remover


Lash Shedding

Adhesive Care

How To Care For Your Adhesive 

Lash Pressure

Why Are Lashes Sticking To The Pads

Mannequin heads 

Use These To Your Advantage

Health & Physical Safety 

Masks & Glasses

Protect Your Investment

Look After Yourself 

Cancellation Policies


You will get a PDF (7MB) file