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Business Credit Builder (120 PAGES)


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Body Contouring 101 (60 PAGES)


Teeth Whitening & Tooth Gems (2 Manuals 1st 109 PAGES, 2nd 41 PAGES)


Microblading/Permanent Makeup Manual (144 PAGES)


Classic Eyelash Manual (49 PAGES)


Guide to Understanding Corporations (30 PAGES)


Start A Business 101 EBOOK (32 PAGES)


About Me

Hello, I am Shi Gladney business owner of UnmistakablyRare & Ur Beauty Spa . Thank you for taking a moment and visiting my website.

I’m a trained licensed professional Aesthetician, Cosmetic Tattoo Artist & Instructor.

The reason I created these e-book is to provide others with the proper resources and guidance to build their business. I also get tremendous pleasure & desire out of putting others in a position to win. What you don't know CAN hurt you.