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Rationality Zero Cantos

Behind the scenes.

 I don’t want to settle, that’s the thing. I want a world where Harry Potter lives in England and Harry Dresden is in America, riding an undead T-rex. I want the Terminator series to end with the machines winning and then building the Matrix to imprison humanity.

Surely there can be one multi-verse with enough room in it for every story.


-JM Guillen, in an e-mail to a friend and fellow writer, 2004


On the nature of Rational Earth…


Readers have asked questions, and now I’m ready to answer a few of those and pose a few more for you to ponder.

By now, most of my readers are aware of The Paean of Sundered Dreams, my multi-genre, universe-spanning array of tales with Lovecraftian themes. The Paean is divided into various strands, of which this is the first. I will be writing in this strand for several more years, but we have recently set down some parameters to let the reader know how the stage is set.

There are three worlds within the first strand: Cæstre, Aelthien, and Irrational Earth, the one we’re discussing here. We’ll discuss Cæstre and Aelthien in upcoming works. Perhaps.

Irrational Earth is a rarity in the Myriad. It is a world where the majority of its inhabitants do not have significant lore or traditions regarding altering reality with their will. This capability is common everywhere else.

But on Irrational Earth the mysterious Facility keeps the madness under wraps.

If you’re reading this, then you are among the first to learn more about the Facility’s strangeness.

Their secrets are many and vast.


We never had names for any Designate—Wyatt joked that they didn’t have names, that they weren’t even human. He’d ask, “You ever see one when yer in the pisser, Hoss? Ever see a Designate smoke or cuss or even get a little mad?”

This was an old argument with him. I knew he didn’t believe it, neither did I, but Wyatt loved hokey conspiracy theories and delighted in claiming that the Designates were all grey aliens or reptilians secretly here to rule the Earth.

We laughed at his flights of fancy, which made our jobs easier.

-Rationality Zero


Let’s explore a few of these secrets, shall we? JM Guillen, July, 2015

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