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SUMMARY.Influence The Psychology of Persuasion By Robert B. Cialdini

·         What’s in it for me? You’ve been manipulated your whole life – now learn the secrets of persuasion for yourself.

·         Our brain loves shortcuts, and they can be used to manipulate us.

·         Humans have an overpowering need to return favors.

·         In negotiations, starting with an outrageous request and retreating from there can win concessions.

·         When opportunities become scarce, we desire them more.

·         Banning something makes it very desirable.

·         We want to stay true to our word.

·         The harder we have to work to get something, the more we value it.

·         When uncertain, we look for social proof.

·         People who are similar to us can greatly influence our choices.

·         We comply with people we like, and it is easy for some people to make us like them.

·         We obey authorities without question, and mere symbols of authority can already win our compliance.

·         Final summary

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