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1 Harry Potter and the Fights and Flights in

By Djeukem Momo Loic Cabrel
Brief Summary:

Harry Potter and the Fights and Flights in Aragog's Hollow is an adventure of Harry and Ron in the eastern edge of the Forbidden Forest where they encounter and duel many spiders, the centaur Bane and the giant spider Aragog.

Detailed Summary:

Harry Potter and the Fights and Flights in Aragog's Hollow is an adventure of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley in the eastern edge of the Forbidden Forest after Hippogriffs rumoured information about commotions in the forest which focuses on unicorns being killed and spiders rebelling and migrating in the forest, which leads to Harry and Ron adventuring in the forest.

Harry and Ron go and meet Hagrid for some information on how the eastern edge of the forest looks like, where the commotion is likely to be taking place. Hagrid tells them they are going to pass inside tunnels which are turning and twisting in every directions and if they succeed in barking out of it without falling in the lair of the gigantic spider Aragog, they will reach the Passing Passage which will lead them to the Circular Clean Clearing which is out of the school, and which surrounds the Forbidden Forest in all its eastern edges and spreads to the entrance of Hogwarts.

Harry and Ron set out at night in the forest trying to gather what the commotion is all about in the forest. On their way they meet a centaur who says he names himself Banner. Together they all take the way of the Turning and Twisting Tunnels where it is said the retired Aragog’s lives; and while on their journey, they have great difficulties mostly due to the darkness of the forest, the foul smells and the evil of the tunnels with its turnings and twistings, including the many numerous spider eyes that is following them and the lost of Banner. They finally mistakenly stumble on the giant spider Aragog who is very different, as they are heading to the passing passage.

As they flee from Aragog, Harry is caught up by the cheating and cunning centaur Banner, and after a brief moment of fight with the centaur, his rage leads him back to the tunnels where he misses getting caught by the centaur again and he invisibly escapes the tunnels after he succeeds in passing the centaur and fighting off the spiders on his way including the centaur. He goes to rescue Ron who is attacked by Bane first and then Aragog and he duels the centaur again, and the giant spider who later revealed Voldemort in him. At the end of the battle as Harry gains, he and Ron are transported into the school where they are taken care of and as such finished their adventures in the forest's eastern edge.

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