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The Ultimate Snarky Gratitude Journal

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On January 22nd I had a bright shiny idea because I am good at those. (I have them on days that aren't January 22nd as well. That's how good at them I am!) 

If you've ever wanted to try journaling but also have a bit of an eye roll attitude towards such things, I'm kindly bridging the gap for you.

Yes, I have made a snarky gratitude journal. 

If you're unemployed or have simliar financial needs, please do not purchase this product.
You can email me at to get it for free when it is released. Strictly no details required. You don't have to disclose anything to me.
I'm using the honour system because I'd rather a few ungrateful (get it?) jerks took advantage of me than to ask someone to justify themselves. It's shit when people ask you to do that when you don't have money. I remember the questions and forms and disclosures food banks wanted just to get some shitty frozen bread and I don't want to be someone who does that.

The details:

  • It costs $15.
  • The file type is PDF.
  • It is intended for digital use (eg I use/have been testing it in GoodNotes) but you can print it if you'd like, the page size is set to A4.
  • There are lots of pages.


  • If you see a tick box in the checkout that says "Send me product updates and offers via email" you need to check it. It's the only way I can send you any future updates. 
  • I believe this shows mainly to EU customers, but look for it anyway, just in case!
You will get a PDF (1MB) file
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