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Copy Tear-Down: One Hour Call

Book a One-Hour Copy Tear-Down Call 

Here’s how it happens: when you book, you pay your invoice & tell me times and days that work best for you, and I send you some time slots as options.

Then, when you book your time slot, you send me the copy you want to improve on, and it can be anything: Any of your website pages, your email autoresponder, ads, sales pages, landing pages, printed brochures (sent via digital copy). You name it…. if it’s got words on it, I’ll help you with it.

After I receive your copy and some information about your goals for it, I’ll read through it, and take notes in a document dedicated just to you, your copy, and the goals you have for that copy.

Then, when we have the call, have your pen and paper ready to take notes. (Or, you know, a word document and a keyboard.) 

We’ll get through as much as we can in an hour - and if we finish everything you’ve sent over, we’ll go over more: more copy, if you have it…. or more advice on copywriting, digital marketing, online entrepreneurship… anything you want to ask me about. (I did used to work as a CMO, remember? So I kinda know my stuff.)

This offer is for you if:

  • You’re tired of your copy being “good enough” but not truly wow-ing the people it’s written to impress.
  • You just want better results, already.
  • You know you could be converting more, but for the life of you can’t figure out how.
  • You have an open mind and aren’t too attached to anything you’ve already written. This isn’t a precious-flower poetry class, and I WILL tell you the truth about what needs to happen for better resonance & conversions.
  • You’ve got an hour to spare that you’d like to use to help improve your business.
  • You’ve always kind of wanted to work with me, but haven’t had the time for a one-month project and/or the budget to hire me for all-out website writing.

What You’ll Get:

Each call session will be different and tailored to each individual situation, but outcomes can include but are not limited to:

  • Re-written headlines, subject lines, & titles to get attention
  • A/B testing suggestions to experiment with for better conversions
  • Advice on when to present your offer, where to place it, and what to say
  • No-BS advice on copy that’s gotta go & ideas on what to replace it with

(When you pay now, you guarantee your slot in my calendar & receive downloadable PDF instructions on what to do next.) 

You will get a PDF (30KB) file

$ 250.00

$ 250.00

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