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The Re-aligner Mixtape

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The Re-Aligner Mixtape features DRG (Da Real Grynch) and Sarx Chicozy (RIP). Aeileon lost 3 of his homies during the course of his rap career: Desperado, Prince Rasu & Sarx Chicozy. Desperado passed away under mysterious circumstances rumored to be a seizure, Prince Rasu was beat to death by the Columbus, Ohio Police Dept. and Sarx Chicozy was shot to death after a robbery. All this contributed to Aeileon deciding to change his life and live for Jesus the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Disclaimer: All monies paid for this music is soley for Aeileon's vocals, editing, mixing, mastering and graphic design services. This material can be downloaded for free off and other platforms. Aeileon has never made any money from any of the contributing artist on any of the music released by Aeileon in the entirety of his music career.
You will get a ZIP (576MB) file