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SAMPLE CHAPTER of Survival - World of Anthrax #1 Audiobook

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Please enjoy the first chapter of Survival - World of Anthrax Volume 1

Audiobook narrated by Emily Ellet, delivered by BookFunnel

I almost died. Virtually everyone else around me has died.

Now, the dead aren’t staying dead anymore.

I’ve somehow ended up locked in the very epicenter of the zombie apocalypse.

F*ck me.

Like most college students, all Callie Norton has worried about for weeks was passing this semester’s finals. After a night out celebrating, she and her friends wake up, sick with way more than the hangover of the century. All too soon, Callie realizes that this is not just a common cold she’s suffering from—and when she wakes up from a coma in a quarantine tent as the sole survivor, lack of food and water aren’t her only problems.

Things aren’t looking good for her to survive the next hour, let alone escape a city where most of the inhabitants have turned into crazed cannibals… and this is just the beginning.

Contains the first chapter of the audiobook as a free sample!
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