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Kent Holistic Health Practitioner Collective

We work collaboratively to holistically improve the health and wellness in our community in Kent. Our collective of ethical and professional holistic wellness therapists and practitioners support clients preventatively, and through their rehabilitation and recovery.



All our members are certified and insured holistic, alternative, or complementary therapists or practitioners, reverently devoted to advancing full present and conscious awareness in our community, whilst maintaining their authenticity and individuality. We are high on ethics and continuous development.


We share a passion for upholding professional ethics and values, to improve the experience of our clients, whilst ensuring our own balanced needs, as therapists are met within an accessible community of unconditional acceptance and support. Supporting us to continually develop as individuals, improve our practice, and raise the vibration in our community.


Our Collective Mission & Values are to take PRIDE into our community. We incorporate our PRIDE Mission & Values into each community gathering and our work.



Because managing your own holistic wellness practice can be challenging and isolating work at times. We sometimes work alone and might not always have time to speak with others in between delivering therapies and treatments. We must maintain a healthy broad network of support to maintain our own healthy work/life balance and continually grow and develop, not only so we can continue doing our amazing work but also to keep clients growing in health and maintain a state of growth in our practices.

Furthermore, a multi-skilled approach to support our community is much more helpful and healthy for clients, their families, us as practitioners, our family, and social networks. In other fields of health or wellness, the foundations for all decision making are multi-disciplinary, with each discipline being an expert in their field, why should our practice be any different?

Our community space gives you the time and capacity you need to centre and balance yourself with other grounded and alternative practitioners, discuss any challenges you are experiencing in practice or business, and find solutions as a community.


We are currently welcoming new members in Kent and will be holding regular gatherings in Sevenoaks, Tonbridge & Malling, Tunbridge Wells, Dartford, and Gravesham areas. Also, open to receive contact (not membership at present) from practitioners out of these areas, to meet the demand of our clients.


You might be asking yourself, who I am and why I am the best possible person to support your journey as a Holistic Wellness Practitioner specialising in supporting adults to reduce the effects of stress, burnout, and trauma.

I am a married woman with three (now adolescent) children, and have lived in Kemsing, Sevenoaks for over 10 years (my husband has lived and worked in and around Sevenoaks for most of his adult life). I am registered mental health nurse (Community Psychiatric Nurse), working in South London with vulnerable adults, and have always had an interest in the holistic health and wellness of families. Having experienced my second episode of burnout in a short period of time, I turned to holistic health to save me and it quite literally has. I am in full support of mainstream and public health, social, and wellness functions however, there are significant gaps which I have witnessed and live in, both as a nurse and as a mother in a neurodiverse family. My spirit guides had been tapping on my door for some time and in 2021 I finally paused to listen, and I was called to pull together a community for people to live as themselves authentically and provide support around them. So, at first, I thought simple I'll just go and do that. Obviously it wasn't that simple and I had further blips of stress, burnout, and trauma resurfacing as I felt like I was fighting everything I knew and had been told, in a holistic way of living for me and my family. Once I was able to allow myself to, quite simply, lose control, my path and purpose became clear and this collective community forms part of that.

I formed the Holistic Wellness Practitioner Collective to raise the bar in multi-disciplinary holistic wellness support for people in our community. It is so very important for holistic practitioners to learn about one another practice, communicate and collaborate, and have a central professional hub to feel themself and supported. I bring learnings from my professional nursing registration and code of ethics, lived experience of the internal and external battle of living holistically, and tons of experience about how the balance in our wellness is affected by and effects so many parts of ours, our family's and communities existence - emotionally, physically, socially, economically, and physically.


Becoming part of this Collective will benefit so many practitioners of all levels. Read below, to see which membership would be the best fit for your circumstances, focus, and values...

Standard Membership

  • Practitioners who have recently trained in new holistic practices
  • People who have completed holistic training or a qualification and are looking to establish or grow a part or full-time independent practice
  • Practitioners of all levels wanting to be part of a supportive shared space to discuss their experiences and be held to account for their plans

Founding Membership

  • Established practitioners or businesses feeling a call to expand into other areas of holistic practice or business
  • Experienced practitioners who are currently or intend to offer training to others
  • You are driven to improve community health
  • Have strong values around improving ethics and quality in holistic practice
  • You are interested of working alongside public or mainstream services to make improvements for your community


Our community gatherings are held either indoors or outdoors in comfortable natural, sustainable, and ethical spaces. Each gathering will run with a different theme, created by the members areas of needs and interests, and will include education, therapies, or practices to support raising quality standards, ethical considerations, and practice development.

Included in a Standard Membership:

  • Attendance to one monthly in-person Community Conscious Gathering which includes educational opportunities, exchanges, and offers from network members (typically on weekend afternoons).
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook Community for finding and sharing useful information about being a holistic practitioner in the local area.
  • Once quarterly practitioner supervision on zoom with an experienced registered professional and holistic practitioner, to discuss any challenges you are facing in your practice, life, or business model and receive support to find a way forward.
  • Discounts to holistic events and services all year round, including 20% off all Liminal Connections services during your membership (excluding collaborative events).


Members must:

  • Be certified in their holistic practice area (and show evidence of this when becoming a member).
  • Be fully insured for their chosen therapy or practice, including where they choose to practice.
  • Practice ethically and safely, never beyond the remit of role and responsibilities, and with a trauma-informed approach.
  • Practice in accordance with the founding principles of their practice lineage.
  • Maintain the privacy and confidentiality of clients, other practitioners, and the community gatherings (unless written consent is obtained).
  • Work as a collective, sharing information, ideas, and suggestions for the betterment of the local community’s overall health and wellness.
  • Try to understand other’s perspectives and expand conscious awareness of self and others to develop broader knowledge of others.
  • Be open, honest, and respectful to all members always, the collective has zero tolerance for bullying, harassment, and theft.
  • Not share any materials from the collective i.e. gathering, online, supervision, etc with non-members (unless otherwise agreed by the collective).
  • Understand that any breaches of the Conditions of Conduct will result in immediate suspension of membership.


Each member will offer either of the following during one month of their membership:

  1. a service or educational talk to the Holistic Wellness Collective at a community gathering
  2. a relevant discount to a selected service or group they offer, for at least ten collective members



  • Founding Members exchange is £60 yearly for life - only 13 spaces available in total (discount code needed - use XMMCB8DXX9 at checkout)
  • Standard Members exchange will be £120 yearly for life
  • Right Place Right Time Standard rate of £99 per year for annual membership taken before 3rd March 2024 using the code RIGHTPLACERIGHTTIME99 at checkout
  • Monthly Payment Option Now Available
  • ** Professional Membership upgrades will be offered from Summer 2024.

View full Terms & Conditions on my website.

Right Place Right Time Standard Membership

per year
This is an introductory offer for Standard Membership to the collective, valid until 3rd March 2024 only.

Founding Membership

per year
This is available to those committed to full circle giving and receiving within the Collective

Standard Membership

per year

Standard Membership - Monthly Payment Plan

per month