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The Successful Privacy Mindset [ebook]

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Do you want to take back your life and be more safe and secure? Do you dream of having strong privacy online and in your everyday life?

This book will show you how.

The Successful Privacy Mindset is for anyone that has ever felt watched, ever felt that their privacy has been compromised or for anyone that has ever felt less than safe and secure. You deserve to feel safe at all times!

If you are a survivor of an assault, rape, mugging, stalker, identity theft, home invasion or any other ugliness – there will be ideas in this book that will make you feel safe. One of the most troubling things about crime is that the victim can feel the scars for years and years afterwards. My goal for readers of this book is to help switch you out of the victim mindset and into the survivor mindset. Take back your life. I know you can.

You deserve to feel safe at all times!

After dealing with a stalker who tormented me for several years I finally decided enough was enough! I made a vow I would take back my life and that started with my privacy. Over the years I became an expert and made a new life for myself – one built on the principals of privacy and security. I used many of the same secret techniques used in the Witness Protection Program as well as additional precautions so I would never be a victim again.

In this book I will teach you all the tips and tricks you need to know to stay safe and regain your privacy. These tools will keep you invisible from potential stalkers and criminals.

I am not in law enforcement nor do I have a military background. I am simply a law abiding citizen that wanted to take control of their life – so I became a warrior for my freedom. I learned how to be a master of privacy both online and in my everyday life, and now I will show you what to do to stay safe too. Every tip in this book may not apply to every reader, but I can guarantee that if you follow even a few of the simple steps I have outlined here, you will be safer than 99% of your peers.

Here are just a few of the chapters in this book:

• Safety In The Shadows – The Ultimate Goal: Invisibility
• Privacy Is Freedom
• The Levels Of Privacy
• Anonymity Is Essential
• Basic Privacy Tips
• Stalkers Are Sick, Assume The Worst
• The Gray Rock Always Wins – You Must Be Forgettable
• How To Build The New You
• Predictability Is The Enemy
• Document The Threat You Are Under
• Consider Your Proof Of Life
• Your Future Depends On Your Past
• Privacy Tips For Banking And Finances
• Privacy Tips For Housing And Utilities
• Privacy Tips For Transportation
• Your New Digital Life
• Privacy Tips For Phones, Computers And More
• Privacy Tips For Social Media
• How To Beat Facial Recognition
• Privacy Tips For Email, Physical Mail And A Ghost Address
• Build Your Own Safe-house
• Sanctuary In Deception
• Consider Multiple Identities
• Practical Preparedness: Be Ready At All Times
• On Person Essentials
• Your Everyday Carry Kit
• Your Bug Out Back
• Making Money Anonymously
• Building A Secret Business
• Tips To Create A Secret LLC
• Streams Flow Into Rivers: Money Sources

…and so much more!

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