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For Every Action - Part I of the Quantum Mechanic series

In 2023 the Singularity will arrive. 

Biotech, nanotech, and artificial intelligence will advance and merge. Mankind's scientific powers will advance exponentially. Blindness, paralysis, and nearly every other disability will be eliminated and mankind will rejoice in its accomplishments. 

But there will be a dark side to this scientific leap. 

In just a few years the world is in chaos. Vicious human-animal hybrids, cybernetic soldiers, and out of control nanotech run wild. Hundreds of thousands of people die and millions are threatened.

Then the Embodied appear. Birthed from the darkest underside of the singularity, they have given up their humanity to become living technology and seek total dominion over humanity. Nations fall, armies are crushed, and their first attack on America leaves its infrastructure in ruins. 

Then everything changes. 

A young girl is caught up in the attacks, and a man with powers beyond our comprehention refuses to let her die. In order to save her he comes out of hiding and reveals superhuman abilities unlike anything the world has ever seen. They way he rescues her from certain death shocks the world, upsets the balance of global powers, and makes himself the sworn enemy of the Embodied. 

This is the story of that man... our last and only hope.

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