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Time Management: Or How I Get Shit Done As A Blogger

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As a blogger, you're in charge of everything. Writing, curating, research, sales, marketing and social engagement. Your to-do list is never ending. How can you keep tabs on everything?

You've seen all the "productivity tips to be a successful blogger" posts wondered how on earth you could find the time to use them.

Well, this book is for you. I've been where you are right now. I cant tell you what you have to do, but I can show you what has worked for me; how I found my way to time management. It might be different from yours, but through story we learn.

What this book is:

This is my story of how I manage multiple blogs successfully. A story of working full-time, commuting long hours to work, and having too many blogs.

If I liked sales-y writing, I would tell you "this eBook contains my secret formula and the only way to successfully run multiple blogs". But that would be a lie because a) it's not a secret and b) you can run things any way you like.

What this book isn't:

This is not a list of 100 time saving apps. Because those lists drive me up the wall. You'd be better off DOING things than reading 100 different ways about how you might organise yourself.


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