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THE ORIENTAL STORY BOOK - Eastern Adventures and Stories

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IN a beautiful distant kingdom, in which the sun never goes down on its everlasting green gardens, ruled, from the beginning of time even to the present day, Queen Phantasie. With full hands, she used to distribute the abundance of her blessings among her subjects. She did this for many hundreds of years, and was beloved and respected by all who knew her. The heart of the Queen, however, was too great to allow her to stop at her own land with her charities.

One day a messenger brought her news of a place called Earth. There she heard that men lived there; who passed their lives in sorrowful seriousness, in the midst of care and toil.  In the royal attire of her everlasting youth and beauty, the Queen descended upon the earth. Unto these she sent the finest gifts from her kingdom, and ever since the beauteous Queen came through the fields of earth, men were merry at their labours, and happy in their seriousness. Her children, she also sent forth to bring happiness to all mankind.

….and so the scene is set for the stories and tales in the Oriental Story Book. Herein you will find the Oriental tales of:
The Caravan
The History Of  Caliph Stork
The History Of The Spectre Ship
The Hewn Off Hand
Fatima’s Deliverance
Little Muck
The False Prince

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10% of the publisher’s profit is donated to charities.
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