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AS THE GOOSE FLIES - A Children's Magical Adventure Story

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“As the Goose Flies” written and illustrated by Katharine Pyle.

Ellen stood at the nursery window looking out at the gray sky and the wet, blowing branches of the trees. It had been raining and blowing all day. The roof pipes poured out steady waterfalls; the lilacs bent over, heavy with the rain. Up in the sky a bird was trying to beat its way home against the wind.

But Ellen was not thinking of any of these things. She was thinking of the story that her grandmother had forgotten again.
Ellen's grandmother was very old; so old that she often called Ellen by the names of her own little children; children who had grown up or died years and years ago. She was so old she could remember things that had happened seventy years before, but then she forgot a great many things, even things that had occurred only a few minutes before.

While she stood there it occurred to her that she should put the bookcase in order before she went down to the sewing-room. That was just the thing to do on a rainy day. So, she sat down before the shelves and began pulling the books out.

The nursery walls were covered with a flowered paper, and when Ellen had almost emptied the shelves she noticed that the paper back of them was of a different color from that of the rest of the room. It had not faded. The blue color between the vines looked soft and cloudlike, too, and almost as though it would melt away at a touch.
Ellen put her hand back to feel it. Instead of touching a hard, cold wall as she had expected, her hand went right through between the vines as though there were nothing there.

Ellen rose to her knees and put both hands across the shelf. She found she could draw the vines aside just as though they were real. She even thought she caught a glimpse of skies and trees between them.

In haste she sprang to her feet and pushed the bookcase to one side so that she could squeeze in behind it.
She caught hold of the wall-paper vines and drew them aside, and then she stepped right through the wall and into the world beyond.

And so begins Ellen’s adventure into a mysterious and magical “World Beyond”. But, just what was in the world beyond? Well, you’ll just have to download and read this book to find out for yourself!

10% of the profit from the sale of this book is donated to charities.

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