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GEORGIAN FOLK TALES - 38 children’s stories from the Republic of Georgia

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We invite you to enjoy Georgian Folk Tales, a collection of 38 traditional children’s stories from the Republic of Georgia, Mingrelia and Guria translated by Marjorie Wardrop. Herein you will find stories of princes, kings, viziers, wicked stepmothers, princesses, fools, speaking serpents, and simple folk who make good - all abound in the pages of this delightful volume. The 28 Mingrelian proverbs are a bonus and provide additional insight into the culture of the region.

Many of the themes in these stories are also reflected in European folklore, giving credence to the claim that folklore originated in Asia eons ago and was transported to Europe by the Gypsy and Roma folk. Indeed, some of these stories closely parallel those published in Abela Publishing’s Gypsy Folk Tales and Roumanian Folk Tales, albethey with a distinctive Georgian flavour.

It is not widely known that the Caucasus corridor, home to the nation of Georgia, was a well travelled arm of the famous Silk Route that linked Asia and Europe. Silk, merchandise, and stories were traded through this region for countless generations. On one hand, Georgia shared a religious and political connection with Byzantium (Christendom), and on the other a constant cultural discourse with Persia and Anatolia (Islam). In later years, links to Russia further enriched the cultural traditions of this crossroad of civilisations. It is therefore not surprising that the nation of Georgia overflows with folklore.

33% of the Publisher’s profit is donated to the Temi Charitable Trust in the Republic of Georgia.

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