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Chronicles of Acorn Original Soundtrack - Full Pack

Chronicles of Acorn: Original Soundtrack is the amazing Professional soundtrack composed by Cilantro for Team Acorn's awesome Fan-Sonic RPG game: Chronicles of Acorn! This OST features many original and mashup themes from various Sonic games! All the sales for this soundtrack will go to supporting development of the free fan game. Like all Sonic games, this fan-game has amazing music that will stick with you for years to come! Thank you for supporting us!

This pack contains every track composed for CoA as of June 2018, even some hidden gems from the Bonus Disc that only Blazeymix and our composer have ever heard for a special price! That's right, even Sallyhot hasn't heard these(Don't tell him, shh...)! If you want the full CoA Soundtrack experience, be sure to nab this special pack!

Description of Discs:

Disc 1 features all the good themes that get you started in Chronicles of Acorn, like the main battle theme, World Map theme, Title Screen, etc! The featured track is Sally's Theme, for the star of the game! Mashups are abound, such as Work it Out from Sonic R and Stardust Speedway from Sonic CD!

Disc 2 features a good amount of serious themes, inlcuding the dungeon battle theme Indoor Fight and the Mini-boss theme Slowbo Boss. The tracks are nicely balanced by some Happy event themes and a mellow country girl track for Bunnie Rabbot. Mashups include Tidal Tempest(Sonic CD), Aquatic Ruin Zone(Sonic the Hedgehog 2), Player Results Screen(Sonic 2), and more!

Disc 3 is all about variety. From the icy themes to the spooky to the green forest and more! Mashups in this disc include: Ice Cap Zone, Sky Chase Zone, and the jazzy Spring Yard Zone for Fiona's Theme.

Disc 4 is definitely last but no least! A few event themes are featured here, as well as some spooky yet familiar tracks and the ever wacky-yet-awesome Training Grounds theme. Nicole is the highlight in this disc, with her theme being soothing, beautiful and techy. Mashups in this disc include Living in the City(Sonic R), Hang Castle(Sonic Heroes), Metropolis Zone(Sonic the Hedgehog 2), Starlight Zone(Sonic the Hedgehog), and more!

Track List:

Disc 1:
1. World Map
2. Title Screen
3. Battle (OutDOOR)
4. Robo_Boss
5. Great Forest
6. Knothole
7. Indoor Fight
8. Robotropolis
9. Robotropolis Action
10. Princess Sally's Theme

Disc 2:
11. Theme of Robotnik
12. Metal
13. Post-Battle
14. Game Over
15. Happy Conversation 1
16. Happy Conversation 2
17. Aquatic Action
18. Slow-bo Boss
19. Great Forest Action
20. Bunnie's Theme

Disc 3:
21. WM 10
22. Robo_Floss
23. Inn Jingle
24. AquaCaves
25. Ambient Ice
26. Ice Action
27. Swampyness
28. Central Great Forest
29. Spoop Ambient
30. Fiona's Theme

Disc 4:
31. Clandestine_Sneakery
32. FloorFallsOut
33. Great Forest Underwater
34. Training Grounds
35. Happier Moments
36. Starlight Run
37. Rotor's Shop
38. Spooky Hill Zone
39. Spoop ACKSHuN
40. Nicole's Theme

Bonus Tracks (Included in Full OST Pack Only!):
41. The Cat Nap
42. Jerryatric
43. Kate's Theme (Happy)
44. Scratch and Claw
45. Scratch and Claw (Old School)

Free Sample(Warning, NSFW website!):

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NOTE: If you buy a single Disc and want the bonus disc in the full pack, but don't want to pull full price for this pack, send our email a request for a discount for each CD you have bought!

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