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What Does a Christian Look Like? Epistles of a Repentant Heart

In the Fall of 2015, I sat down to share with a friend a mine my life story. Many times we do not take the time to really get to know our friends and want to fit them into our own thoughts, feelings and way of life. Trying to fit into a box is very uncomfortable for me and takes away from whom God has created me to be. A box by the standards of the world made my life miserable and lonely; this is not how we are to live! By no means am I perfect, but I do take my faith seriously and am not willing to compromise it for any one. I can say that I have not always been convicted in my faith as a Christian, but behind every true believer is a supernatural story of grace, love and redemption.

I have shared a snapshot of my story on Facebook, and I have also shared my testimony in church. For those listening, it has been said to be “compelling, inspirational, moving and motivational.” The Lord put it on my heart to dig into my past and to share my failures, heartache, mistakes, feelings, and experiences that helped shape the person I was BEFORE Christ and what led to my supernatural encounter with Jesus that transformed my mind and my heart into the godly woman I am today.

I do not dictate or try to deny whom Christ has molded me into. When I decided to surrender my life to Him, at was at the mercy of the Almighty God. He gave me grace when I deserved judgment. From that day forward, I know because I am forgiven much, that I do love much. It is my love for Christ that drives and compels me every day to want to be live like, talk like, love like, give like, be bold like Christ every day.

So I got it all together and published it on Amazon: What Does a Christian Look Like? Epistles of a Repentant Heart. It is a heartfelt collection of poetry and letters that expresses the brokenness of my sinful heart to the renewed heart and mind through the “amazing grace” of Jesus Christ. One of the greatest miracles is when one sinner repents; this is a living testament to the validity of Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

We often times think we are the only ones that feel, think, hurt, and believe the way we do. I am here to tell you, we are not as different as we may think. It is ONLY by the power of Jesus Christ that we were once lost but now found, and now given the light of life; never to walk in darkness again but to have the Jesus to be the lamp unto our feet and to be light unto our paths.

I pray that something that you read will help you and draw you closer to the Lord than before. This is NOT about me, but how can God use my brokenness to show His Infinite Love will never fail.

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