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In the Lap of Luxury (Video/Audio)

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“From the perspective of “been there, survived that,” Elizabeth Hepburn is well qualified to guide patients and caregivers into the Lap of Luxury because she is a cancer survivor herself. Moreover, she has a gift that sets her apart from any other healer: a magnificent singing talent that she combines with her precious supportive words. I'm certain that now that these guided meditations are available, so will everyone who sees and hears them.”
Gilda Carle Ph.D., Psychotherapist, Author, Professor, Motivational Speaker

Ralph Waldo Emerson's quote “The first wealth is health” speaks to the very core of In the Lap of Luxury.

Though an abundance of riches may be flowing through our lives, experiencing radiant health and well-being is certainly our greatest gift and deserves our daily gratitude. My intention here is that you come to feel absolutely luxurious within your own skin, completely reveling in your delightful wellness. This meditation process is designed to be an ode to our oneness with all of life and a tool for maintaining an ongoing connection to Spirit – the “health and well being” connection – the essential energy that enlivens every cell of us and permeates all space.

The Third Program of the Better & Better Series, In the Lap of Luxury, was originally produced to deliver patients and their caregivers, after their challenging surgery journey, to a place of vibrant aliveness for the rest of their lives. It turns out that this program works perfectly on its own and provides profound relaxation and renewal anytime, anywhere, to anyone desiring to connect with "feeling good - feeling really, really good!"

This program was Produced by Eric Brown and Ben Bryant, Directed & Edited by Ben Bryant

Program length 22:22

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