Elizabeth Hepburn

Elizabeth Hepburn began singing before she could talk, sang her way through school and moved to New York. She has performed on and off Broadway, and with the New York City and San Francisco Opera Companies. A bout with cancer drew her into years of spiritual and healing training. She emerged determined to share this transformational adventure through her music. Her "Better & Better Series" provides an energy infusion! The video (and audio) Pre and Post Surgery Healing Support Programs for Patients and Caregivers shift the body’s energies away from fear and anxiety and gently empower it with beauty, spaciousness, ease and peace. Basking in the beauties of nature is healing - soothing calming words are healing - being guided to relax deeply within is healing - music is healing - this is Better & Better! Sights & Sounds of Nature – Calming Music – Healing Meditations 
- Facilitate optimal outcomes for surgery and recovering from surgery
- Reduce fear and anxiety
- Soothe & empower with beauty and ease
- Provide inner healing The final program, "In the Lap of Luxury", celebrates and sustains ongoing Wellness.