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In the Temple

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He claims he’s innocent, even if he’s not.

Jesse wouldn’t take the case except Godwin Green’s family is confident there’s evidence that will exonerate him. But getting the man set free relies on pinning the crime on the scion of a wealthy, powerful family. Even Godwin himself doesn’t want his case reopened, but Jesse’s desperate.

She also owes a debt to a new friend: she’s now driven to find the assassin Sin, whom no one has heard from for over a year now. With new information that might help Georgia, Jesse is getting pulled in two very dangerous directions.

Cindy is breathing easier and not touching anything, hoping other people’s memories won’t find her again… but they always do.

Another cold case. Another chance for these three extraordinary women to find each other again. Secrets and skills will come to light, even if they weren’t supposed to.

They won’t be able to solve the case—or even stay alive—if they can’t trust each other.

In The Temple is the second book in the new Hangman’s Shadow series. All the thrills, chills, and uncanny clues you’ve come to expect from USA Today Bestseller AJ Scudiere.

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