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The Vendetta Trifecta

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With single-minded determination, eleven-year-old Cynthia Beller stands up amid the wreckage of the mafia hit that destroys her family. It's the first step of a journey that will both drive her and haunt her for as long as she lives.

Readers say A.J. Scudiere's start to this award-winning trilogy is "seriously one of the best action/suspense books I've ever read."

All Cyn wants is justice. Kolya Kurev murdered her family in cold blood and got away with it. Single-minded in her determination, Cyn becomes the killer she needs to be. Until she meets Lee, a man also deeply wronged by Kurev. Cyn's new problem? Lee.

Lee is stealing her revenge and screwing with the carefully carved life she's made for herself. As if his mere presence and counter-productive ambitions weren't enough, he's going to get her caught...

The FBI has been on her tail for several years now, but they haven't even come close to finding her. Cyn has been leaving fake evidence at her crime scenes and counting on the one thing the FBI hasn't figured out yet... Their most wanted criminal is just a girl.

Right and wrong have long since been obliterated. And one of Lee's kidnappers looks far too familiar: someone Sin is convinced should be long dead. The ties between families and enemies have become intricately tangled. To save Lee, Sin will have to bend and break bonds she didn't even know existed. She'll have to do it all while protecting a new secret . . .

Thriller and action readers will find themselves immersed in The Vendetta Trifecta. It's un-put-downable suspense from a USA Today Bestselling author!

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