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The Tempest - Ebook

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Find shelter. Stay low. Hold on tight.

The first tornado was an anomaly. It cleared the land and bumped up the time scale on the job. But as everyone rushes to set up the new solar farm, they find that something has shifted… At first it was a series of small, unassuming whirlwinds, a nuisance more than a real concern. But soon the funnels get bigger and the winds get stronger, and there’s nowhere safe to hide.

When Joule and Cage get separated, the winds get even more dangerous. They’ve always had each other’s backs, but now they’ll have to survive on their own. Can they even help the people who live in the path of the fury? Maybe, if they can save themselves first.

The Tempest is the third book in the Black Carbon series by USA Today bestselling author A.J. Scudiere. Cage and Joule are back and fighting another battle that will keep you up all night and have you ready to fight the wind. Start reading The Tempest now!
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