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The Swarm - Ebook

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Stay inside. Don’t get bit. Pray for an antidote.

It was supposed to be a vacation. Clear aquifer waters, wildlife sightings, sunshine and roller coasters. But the manatee beneath their paddle boards distracted Cage and Joule, and they didn’t see what happened to their guide. He simply passed out, stopped breathing, and died. Faster and deadlier than Zika, the new strain is delivered through a simple mosquito bite.

How do you avoid mosquitos in Florida? And why does the antidote already exist when no one can even name the disease that’s spreading faster than anyone can keep up with? How do you avoid the bite you can’t see coming?

Once you’re bitten, you have one hour…

The Swarm is the fourth book in the fast-paced Black Carbon apocalyptic thriller series by USA Today bestselling author A.J. Scudiere. The Black Carbon series is a must-read for fans of resourceful heroes and impossible odds.
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