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Giovanna SAK secretary breaks her ankle SLWC chap 01

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Giovanna an amputee secretary breaks her ankle falling off the shelf.

While at her job she meets her boss, a renowned criminal lawyer from Brazil. She goes to grab a book from the top of the shelf to consult a resource for her boss, almost reaching for the book she loses her balance and falls with all her strength overturned and breaking her ankle.

Giovanna is an amputee and screams in pain for help. No one listens to her, she drags herself with her crutch to her desk where she calls for help.

Her boyfriend arrives, helps her put on her prosthesis and quickly takes her to the hospital.

Arriving at the clinic, the doctor reports an ankle fracture where she will have to wear a high-heeled boot for 40 days.

Where it will only be possible because she is an amputee only to walk with crutches and with extra restrictions.

Her first moments at home are for adapting to how to walk with her broken foot in a cast and on crutches, she walks with extreme difficulty on one leg.

The video has a total of over 23 minutes with scenes from:

- amputee

- putting on your prosthesis

- walking on crutches

- the accident

- pain scene when breaking foot

- arriving at the doctor

- the whole process of plastering the foot

- walking home with crutches

- indoor scenes.

You will get a MP4 (1GB) file
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