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Guided Foundations of Yoga Program July 2022

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Join this very special guided version of The Foundations of Yoga program. Mentorship + Yoga course + Group Support.

Learn my framework for using yoga in our symptom management toolkit.

You will be willing to commit to turning up for the group calls (no physical ability needed for calls) and do your (relaxing) homework.

You also get access to the entire Foundations of Yoga for Chronic Pain and Fatigue course (for as long as the course exists) to do in your time - this includes the classes needed for your homework.

The Process...

  • We will join a special private, exclusive, pop up Facebook group in which to form the community. 
  • You get access to The Foundations of Yoga for Chronic Pain and Fatigue course (your complete guide to starting or adapting your practice)
  • Weekly group mentorship calls (4) via Google Hangouts starting 10am Wednesday July 6th NZT 
    • 5pm Tuesday July 5th EST
    • 6pm Tuesday July 5th Toronto Canada
    • 8am Wednesday July 6th Sydney Aus
  • Specific (daily) homework will be given (adapted to your ability)
You do need to check in with your medical professional to ensure you are able to do (gentle) yoga. 

“I had a great yoga session with Melissa recently. She kindly commented on my technique and was very encouraging. I learnt a lot and had fun doing it. She’s a fantastic coach and I definitely recommend her. The one on one sessions are totally worth it!” Jessie


How much time do I need to commit? 

One group call of 45 minutes per week
One 10-30 minute practice per day (as per your ability and commitment) 
Additional practice as chosen 
for the four weeks from July 5/6th 2022 

What physical ability do I need? 

Very little. Most of it can be done without physical practice. We adapt the physical practices to our body (and discuss this in our calls).

Is it very structured/formal? 

No, we are going to be very relaxed. But you will get the most out of it by commiting and joining the live calls. 

What do people say about The Foundations of Yoga course?

“I’m enjoying the idea that I can learn how to adapt yoga to fit in with my life of pain and fatigue. This is definitely gonna be a permanent part of my tool kit.” - Toya

“I like being able to go at my own pace. Each video is very well explained so I am able to follow easily. I especially like that you included bedtime yoga.” - Shelly

"I love yoga with Melissa Reynolds it has helped me feel more relaxed, less cramping, less pain." - Danny from

"For the first time I'm in a yoga class that I feel like I'm actually going to get it...I really can do this and I love how it feels." - Student of Foundations of Yoga for Chronic Pain and Fatigue

Can you talk about the investment?

The value of The Foundations of Yoga for Chronic Pain and Fatigue program is over $400, but I offer it for just $99. 
The cost of the exclusive group is $39/month. 
The cost of live group calls with Melissa is $80/session. 

Consider for a moment...

How much have you spent previously on one-off classes, massages, or other physical appointments, that, while nice, the benefits ultimately wear off? You have to wait to see someone else to do something for you.

How much have you spent this year alone on treatments that might help?

How much time and life have you wasted with side effects from treatments that don't work?

What would it be worth to you if you could sleep even a little better?

If you could enjoy your movement?

To experience true relaxation?

To feel even a little less pain?

Priceless? Me too!

The cost of all of this would be over $750. 

This very special program is offered to you for just $199. 

Why? Because I want your feedback. This is the first time I am offering all of these components together at one time. For your best results. If you did only the first week's homework for the entire month, I believe the benefits of this alone would be worth your investment.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, contact me (melissa vs fibromyalgia @ and I can set up a two month payment plan. You can spread the payments over two months ($100 per month) - but you must enroll by the 6th of June (therefore both payments are completed by 6th July). If your second payment doesn't go through you will not be able to access the second half of the program.

Who should join? 

Those ready to commit to gentle, simple, sustainable habits (yoga tools) for the month to improve the quality of their life. Those who KNOW they can change their quality of life for the better. But who also know yoga is no cure, there is no cure. You will have chronic pain and/or chronic fatigue but know your boundaries and have checked with your medical team about doing (gentle) yoga. 

What happens once I click buy now? 

You will get an (excited) email from Melissa outlining what happens next with your instructions. This will include immediate access to The Foundations of Yoga course and the exclusive Facebook group. 

I am so excited about being able to do this journey with you! 
Numbers are strictly limited. 
This offer is open for a very limited time. 
You will get a PDF (237KB) file
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