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Living More Life

The 'How To' Book For Enjoying Life More.

There are several key elements of your life that stop you from being all you can be. That hold you back from fulfilling your dreams. If you want a better life, if you want your life to be more then it is critical you know Why they got there and How you can eliminate them. In the first section of Living More Life you will discover what they are and how they were formed. This is the 'Why?' section of the book.

It will reveal the 'Six Pillars to Prosperity'. Six critical aspects of your life that control how your life is unfolding, both now and in the future. You will also discover 'The Circles of Life' and the tremendous impact they have on your life. Just reading these two chapters alone are going to leave you breathless!

There’s more… In the chapter The Writings on the Walls of Your Mind you will uncover how it was all set up and why you are ‘Stuck’ where you are… Be prepared for a few OMG’s!      

We then move into the ‘How?’ section of the book. You will be shown how you can Raise the Pillars To Prosperity. How you can Short Circuit the Circle of Life and How you can Erase the Negative Writings on the Walls of Your Mind.

There’s much more! We address Fear’s, Phobia, Anxiety, Frustration, Anger Doubt and Guilt. Everything that can anchor you to a life of mediocrity and unhappiness.      

It doesn’t end there. You are now given A Solution!

Knowing Why and How is thrilling but with Living More Life, it goes that extra step.

You will now be taken through a step by step process that will change your life for the better, all your life . A step by step solution to eliminating negative and limiting beliefs. Step by step to improving your prosperity and your relationships etc. And step by step in turning your life around from mediocrity and unhappiness to one of Fulfilment and Joy.    

Living More Life offers more than the Why’s and How’s to a better life. It offers Real Solutions! It is this that makes it unique from most other personal development and self-help books. Your life can be better, it can be more enjoyable and Living More Life will get you there.    


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A$ 3.99

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