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EDCE 611 Quiz 3 Liberty University Answers

1.     Which of the following is not a common group rule?

2.     The size of a play therapy group for elementary students should be

3.     There are three specific types of group: problem centered, developmental, and topic specific.

4.     A common goal of group counseling with children and adolescents is

5.     When facilitating a group, the counselor should confront resistance and maintain adherence to mutually agreed upon rules.

6.     Which of the following students might not benefit from a group counseling situation?

7.     Developmental groups help children

8.     Counselors need to discuss confidentiality issues with students who are participating in group.

9.     Once potential group members have been identified, it is recommended to secure written permission from parents or legal guardians prior to enrolling members.

10.  Resistance in group members is most commonly experiences during the

11.  The “prescreening interview” is used to determine suitability, assess readiness/willingness and to discuss the group.

12.  According to the chapter, the three types of groups used with children and adolescents are

13.  Problem-centered groups are open-ended and focus on members’ concerns at a particular time.

14.  Developmental groups are designed to meet the challenges of everyday, normal activity in the process of growing up.

15.  The group counselor’s role in working with children and adolescents is primarily to be

16.  Parents of a third grader who participate in a group on friendship issues led by the school counselor have

17.  Older students are more likely to benefit from problem-centered groups.

18.  The “initial stage” is characterized by resistance and challenges to the leader.

19.  Which of the following is not a way to conduct a group evaluation?

20.  When forming groups in primary school, limit the number of participates to 6-8.

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