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211. assignment (basic physics)

3. When you make ice cubes (from water), the entropy of the water

a.) Decreases.

b.) Remains unchanged.

c.) Increases.

d.) Is unchanged as the water cools but decreases as the water freezes.

e.) Decreases while the water is cooling but does not change as it turns to ice.

4. A block with a mass 14=4.85kg begins at rest at the top of a curved slide. There is no friction. The speed of the block after it has slid along the slide sufficiently far for its vertical drop to be 19.6 m is

a.) 19.6 m/s

b.) 384 m/s

c.) 73m/s

d.) 43.2 m/s

5. You are pedaling a bicycle at 9.8m/s. The radius of the wheels of the bicycle is 51.9 cm. The magnitude of the angular velocity of the wheels is

a.) 19 rad/s

b.) 2.4 rad/s

c.) 4.5 rad/s

d.) 3.0 rad/s

e.) 6.3 rad/s

6. On a graph that shows velocity on the vertical axis and time on the horizontal axis, the area under the curve represents

a.) Displacement

b.) average speed

c.) average velocity.

d.) average acceleration.

e.) no useful physical quantity

7. A flatbed truck is carrying a crate along a level road. The coefficient of static friction between the crate and the bed of the truck is 0.40. The truck accelerates forward and the crate stays in place on the truck bed. In what direction with respect to the driver is the frictional force that the bed exerts on the crate?

a.) There is no frictional force because the crate does not move with respect to the bed.

b.) To the left

c.) To the right

d.) Forward

e.) Backward

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