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The CookBook Manual

The cookbook manual is a compendium of culinary techniques and tips. Thought to be practical and able to be understood by everyone, all the way from Students to independent chefs, from restaurant owners to illiterate workers. It’s a fine piece of work that makes learning and must-knows easy to access and easy to have at hand on every kitchen or restaurant. 

For Students it’s a great tool to have at hand with visual elements that facilitates the brain to remember the content on those tough-to-learn school manuals which consist only on words on a white piece of paper.

For restaurant owners it’s a cheat book to know a lot about how the kitchen works, how are foods prepared, and a lot of data about how to handle and manage your restaurant. Tired of not-knowing? This is the perfect easy-to-handle manual so you don’t have to rely only on what your Chef knows, or what he wants you to know!

Independent chefs will find on this manual a great way to grow their abilities, knowledge and techniques. It’s a very cheap learning manual on basic techniques and must-knows in the kitchen, that will give you objective information, that you will then be able to personalize with your own creativity.

On this book you will find tips and trick on:

·        Knife skills

·        Knife Sharpening

·        Which is the right equipment to use

·        Iron Manteinance

·        Kitchen fire hazards

·        Saving energy in your kitchen/Restaurant

·        Cooking methods

·        Grilling times

·        Veggie Cooking

·        Baker tips

·        Vinagrettes

·        Baking and substitutions

·        Vegan Baking

·        Filleting Fish

·        Where and how to store products

·        Molecular gastronomy basics

·        How to regrowth foods and reduce your waste

·        Different diets and getting to understand them

·        Beef Cuts

·        Pork Cuts

·        Lamb Cuts

·        Spices

·        Mushrooms

·        Ingredient World Map

·        Oils

·        Pastas and sauces

·        Vitamins

·        Aromatics

·        Flavour profiles

·        Measurement charts and equivalents

·        Kitchen hacks

·        Coffee

·        Storing wines

·        Beer kinds

And a lot more!



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