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1 The Experiment Zombie Apocalypse

Description...This is what it looks like when the world ends. It didn’t start with a bomb. No army invaded.

I’ll start at the beginning.

I’ve watched my classmates die or change before my eyes. I have seen whole swarms of them move around a person, cutting them with sharp claws or their teeth until they stopped moving. Then, after seconds passed, their cuts would heal. Bite marks would vanish and the person would stand up. A twitching would begin. The twitching is different with each of them. Sometimes the person would look at me; look right in my eyes and cry for help! They’d scream in horror as painful blisters broke out on their faces. Long fishers would open along their arms and legs, crippling the person’s movements. Most of the time, blood would start to flow but then suddenly stop, turn gelatinous and be pulled back into their body!

Since the March 11 event, whoever suffered this… conversion lived a short agonizing existence and then they died. However, their bodies went on trying to fulfill the program Sapen had designed.

I had seen all this before, during that first year, in the time of the miracles. Sapen’s Golden Pill had made the blind see and arms grew where stumps once were… but what a price to pay…

They’re in my dreams and when I awake, I hear them calling. I hear their moans and cries in the distance even now, though toward the end it has grown less frequent. Now, most just hunt for the uninfected and ravage them.

Those cries are not from the living. It’s a sound intended to attract the softhearted to the dead. A sound that is truly hard to resist.

In school, they taught us that evolution might bring mankind into realms of higher possibility. Maybe it has. Some have said that sharks and cockroaches are at the top of their evolution but nobody wants to become like them. I have seen people, no things that once were people behave like sharks, mindlessly cutting and infecting anything that moves. I have seen them still walking without heads for days until limbs fall off... only to be regrown and the process start again.

Some of the zombies have started to break down though they live on for months twitching and scooting after anything that comes near.

My life has become a nightmare. I only want history to have my record of what happened at the birth of this… new species the Sapen race… how it all came to be... and what happened next.

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