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The Key Programme - Full Course

Phenomenal ‘Five Key Workshop’ Programme Accredited by The Federation of Holisitic Therapists (each course carries 5 CPD points).

Wendy’s phenomenal ‘Key Workshop’ programme: for finding a new, uplifted and balanced you.

“An inspirational, thought-provoking and life changing series of workshops designed specifically to challenge the ‘normal’ view of our lives and how we conduct them.”

We consider life from the quantum viewpoint which offers unlimited potential for change and new realities.These courses will give you the tools and understanding to help you make positive changes to your life, relationships, health and knowledge of yourself. This knowledge and understanding helps you to create a more fulfilled, and fun-filled, life for yourself.

Each lesson is a “stand alone” subject, however maximum benefit is obtained when all five are completed. Each one looks at different areas of the self and is an opportunity to deepen your self-awareness and grow with amazing results.

You get meditations and songs to accompany the course and each lesson includes personal feedback from Wendy.  Once you have completed the course and submitted your exercises, you will receive a certificate of completion.  

Lesson 1: The key to understanding yourself

In this first lesson, you will explore how we can stop reacting to life and start responding to it instead. As you learn to recognise and work with these reactions, thoughts and feelings, you will gain new techniques to choose a different way forward, using a new perspective. This frees us from ‘always doing what we’ve always done’ and you will be amazed at how your life will start to change!

Lesson 2: The key to understanding the multi-faceted ego

Here, you will start to recognise exactly what the ego is, how it communicates, the stories it brings into our lives. You will discover ways to work with it with love, rather than fear. As you discover how the ego operates, and how to notice the distortions it brings, you can introduce choice and awareness into your lives.

Lesson 3: The key to releasing learnt behavioural patterns

This lesson is focused on how we all make judgements & projections, use mirrors, react to triggers and work from the subconscious mind. This keeps us stuck in patterns of behaviour, set up by the ego, which are unhelpful and can be downright destructive. Recognising these gives us the freedom to change.

Lesson 4: The key to successful relationships

A truly inspirational and potentially life-changing lesson as you start to understand your part in all your relationships. You will learn how to stand back, listen, watch, communicate and truly connect. The results are magic!

Lesson 5: The key to dancing towards your spiritual self

We will explore together the quantum view of life and you will discover an explanation of how living with spirit can bring joy and wisdom. You will learn about the soul, spirit, essence and review the ego, all in connection with life’s bigger picture. We consider the quantum view of life and all the possibilities that arise from this understanding.

You will get the following files:

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