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Shadow Boxing For Beginners

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Shadow boxing is one of the most important parts of a Boxers training and is crucial at the early stages in the sport. However, like all training methods, it must be done properly and with a specific goal in mind.


Those new to the sport always find shadow boxing awkward so I have put together this Shadow Boxing for Beginners guide to help you over come your fear of Shadow Boxing and to help you understand the importance of it. 

This guide will -


- Explain the importance of Shadow Boxing

- Show you how to start Shadow Boxing

- Show you how to Intorduce more complex Drills into your Shadow Boxing 

- Show you how rto use addtional Equipment in your Shadow Boxing


Its a great guide for those starting out in the sport and for those that want to improve their shadow boxing.


These drills can all be done from home so no gym required..

Please note, this was filmed a while back. What is discussed and shown is still very relevent, but the video qaulity isnt the highest, hence the low price.

You will get a MOV (734MB) file

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