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Tenor and Baroque Lutes

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This set of plans was based on the lutes made by Hans Frei in Bologna, around 1520.

These “Pear-shaped” lutes were highly sought after, and even falsified, throughout the golden age of the lute. Made as 6- or 7-cs Renaissance lutes, they were later rebuilt as 11- and 13-cs Baroque lutes. This gives the advantage that you can make all different models on the same eleven ribbed bowl.

With this set of plans you can make five different renaissance lutes:
  • 6-course Tenor Lute
  • 7-course Tenor Lute
  • 11 course Baroque Lute
  • 13 course Baroque Lute
  • 13 Course Swan Neck Baroque Lute (sometimes also called a Swan Neck Theorbo)
You get the following full size plans:
  • 6- and 7-cs Renaissance Tenor Lute
  • 11- and 13cs Baroque Lute
  • 13cs Swan Neck Baroque Lute
  • Inner mould for the bowl
  • Template set Renaissance Lute
  • Template set Baroque Lute
  • Two A4 patterns for 4 different rose designs.
This set has the same plans as the single editions, but with a € 5,- discount.
You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (4MB)
  • ZIP (3MB)

Baroque Lutes


Tenor Lute


Alto Lute