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Handmaiden's Fury

The City of Stormhaven 
Year of the Singing Stars 

Within the drifting depths of another world, far from Rational Earth, an ancient darkness awakens.

One woman and her sensual magics stand in its path.

Keiri may appear to be nothing more than a voluptuous young woman, but renegade sorcerers know to fear the Handmaidens and their carnal magics. Her goddess grants her the power to drive men wild with desire, using the fury of their own lusts against them. 

Once a man is touched by a Handmaiden, he is never the same. 

Now, however, ancient shadows loom over the city, and sorcery is being practiced in its hidden corners. Keiri's master, the enigmatic Sire Mattias, has discovered that young women are being taken against their will, for dark purposes unknown. 

It's exactly the kind of atrocity that the young Handmaiden can't resist investigating. 

Soon, however, even Keiri's passionate gifts are being put to the test. As she delves into the domain of Orin Devariis, one of the wealthiest and most depraved men in the city, Orin's manse is mysteriously burned to ashes. Soon, pale assassins pursue Keiri on the streets. 

What are these strange, inhuman creatures who seem immune to her goddess' gifts? And what do they want with her? 

All too quickly, Keiri realizes that she's in far over her head, dealing with the resurgence of sorceries lost for a thousand years. As she plumbs to the depths of a dungeon of horrors, Keiri realizes that she underestimated how deep depravity goes. 

By the time she learns the truth, it may be far too late.

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