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Recreating #DIY future http://payhip/com/astrology #RTRRT #AcademicZodiac #CoronaCure #1008planets #CancerCure

Future-changing made easy, along with brief instruction how to predict any future in minutes.


A Mini-RTRRT Initiation PDF publication as included in every recent publication: will do the job for you. RTRRT stands for (in) “Real Time” Reality-Rendering (meaning Future-changing) Tools (meaning “magical” intent-enhancing techniques): a comprehensive set of essential DIY self- Initiations as also steadily perused by Eastern sages across thousands of years. The RTRRT require no other “tools” other than intent that is imagination: no pentagrams, candles or invocations at all. The core technique being O5: discreates negativity before any affirmation that is creation: no good to merely affirm if negativity is still there, right?


But why recreate an already perfect futurity? Predicting is as easy as future-changing: learned in minutes as performed in minutes. Minutes? Even less than five (5) minutes! One can thus obtain what one wants in the real world in five (5) minutes: suffice intent or as Jesus said: faith.


All material is self-initiating (DIY), but basic training may be obtainable e.g. for investors, traders or even sincere seekers (who are poised for best results against a time unit). “Spiritual” people tend to be more “clean” than this with problems with needles and camels, which makes for quick “instanter” results. Results depend on sheer intent even more than said “cleanliness”.
You will get a PDF (21MB) file