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High Intensity Innovative home workouts

As suggested by the title, the book consists of a training program meant to be followed at your home. What makes it special to other programs is that it is super high intense by focusing on heavyweight and low reps.

There is no need for weights or gym equipment but we will use the things we already have! This training exercise will give you the high-intensity workouts that you need to perform to build lean muscle mass. Apart from this, it covers all the other aspects in detail that you need to know to achieve your fitness goals such as complete nutritional guidance and lifestyle tips.

Let’s summarize what exactly you will get in this book:

Complete training program:

Which is based on high intensity and low repetition principle to help you gain hypertrophy and strength. You can obviously train for endurance as well by lowering weight and increasing the reps.

Further, I have made sure to cover all major muscle groups and at the same time, it will not lead to over-training as I have emphasized upon balancing out everything.

Focused on hypertrophy:

For so many people, being muscular is the first priority and that is why I want to train them in the exact scientific way to reach their goals.

The special tip section will reveal to you all the small secrets that make a big difference.

For those who want to lose fat, this is also a one-stop solution and you can just lower the weight and do endurance training with good cardio as covered in this book.

No DBs, No Gym Equipment:

I guess this is what makes this training program stand out. We know we can do calisthenics and that improves health. However, doing high-intensity resistance training that too without gym equipments is the part which makes you wonder.

I have taken into account all the biomechanical principles and have guided each of the workouts accordingly to offer you nothing but the best.

Detailed Nutrition Guidance:

Let’s be honest, no training program is going to work unless you are perfect in your nutrition intake. I have categorized goals into types. All you have to do is, match your goal with a category and then look at what you need to do.

I have tried to provide very minute details and tips that you might find useful in terms of nutrition. I have equipped this book with the tools that you need to make a real diet and how much of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats you need to consume. Also, what type of fat and other small details.

High intensity to build lean mass:

My special focus is given to building lean muscle mass that will be one of your rewards to all the hustle and discipline. High intensity with proper overloading will push your body towards a muscular physique.

Innovative Training:

You must be wondering how can we follow such a high intensity and perfect whole body workout without the gym. Let me tell you, the innovative training methods will answer your queries and you don’t need any special machines to do it. Not even a pull-up bar.

Detailed Info:

I want you to work on the principle of “All or None”. If you wanna do it, give your all in or just don’t even try. That’s why I have tried to go into detail. Merely mentioning exercise names will confuse you as well as harm you, hence I have given detailed info in every aspect of training and nutrition.

No Bro-Science:

The last specialty of the book is that it is free of Bro-science. I am not promising that after following this program for a week, you will get ripped like models. It takes time to build something worthy. If you are getting something overnight, it will also hit the ground too soon.

Please purchase this book only if you are dedicated and want to be in a disciplined workout regime along with patience and belief in yourself.

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