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Improve your pushups


Time Frame

3 months to ongoing/indefinite
Everyday/every second day/every third day


Must be able to correctly perform
1 standard pushup, or 1 pushup off the knees, or 1 pushup off a bench/wall

Required equipment


What’s in it

This program will help improve your overall pushup fitness. This is achieved by steady progression at a low intensity, allowing for higher frequency in training.

As always, make sure you meet the pre-requisites and have the required equipment before proceeding with this program.

Proceeds from ALL purchases go to assisting veterans and their families so consider your purchase a donation.

How to use it

The pushups are broken into three(3) tiers, and each tier is broken into three(3) levels. The tiers and corresponding levels are as follows:
Tier 1: Pushups off a bench/wall
Tier 2: Pushups off your knees
Tier 3: Standard Pushups
Level I: Every third day
Level II: Every second day
Level III: Every day
So for example if you are On Tier 2 Level 1, you would be conducting the pushup program with pushups off your knees, every third day.

Steps to beginning:
1. Decide which Tier of pushups you fit into.
2. Conduct as many of those pushups as you can in one go and enter that number into the grey box next to ‘pushup test 1’ in the excel spreadsheet.
3. Decide which level you fit into in relation with your physical ability or your work/study schedule, if you can manage it, begin at level II (being every second day).
4. Once you determine which level you want to begin with, select that spreadsheet down the bottom left of the excel document, and you should see the data already pre-filled into what’s required for you in module 1.
5. Print off module 1 and follow the training program crossing off each day as you go until Module 2 begins and then simply repeat and follow the next module.

You will get the following files:

  • PDF (103KB)
  • XLS (67KB)
  • PDF (118KB)
  • PDF (91KB)
  • PDF (149KB)
  • PDF (114KB)

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