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Summary: Rage: Bob Woodward: Disloyal: A Memoir: Michael Cohen: Too Much Is Never Enough: Mary L. Trump: Donald Trump V. The United States: Michael S. Schmidt-Ebook

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NOTE: Summaries are not intended to replace or substitute for the original books.

Woodward has the scoop no one else does for his book Rage because he interviewed Trump 17 times and climbed into his mind and thoughts over seven chaotic months. Trump characterized the way he felt with an apt metaphor: "Dynamite behind every door."

Michael Cohen, in Disloyal, admits he was mesmerized by Trump like a cult member, began to see himself breaking his moral code, but stuck with Trump for money, power, and fame. Cohen boasts that he knew Trump better than his own family, and it was not a pretty sight. He saw Trump as a sociopathic mobster boss who would do anything to win and destroy anybody who challenged him in his quest for success. Cohen dumps a truckload of Trump family skeletons at the reader's feet and then picks them up one by one and executes a meticulous show-and-tell.

Mary L Trump, in Too Much and Never Enough, claims Trump is an unlovable, bullying, cruel, crass, racist, sociopathic fraud with delusions of grandeur. Rather than working for the American people who voted for him, Mary suggests he is only out for Trump and his children, for the empire, for more power, riches, and fame. 

In Trump V. The United States, New York Times journalist Michael Schmidt investigates Trump as he spats with his government. Many in the FBI--and above-- and House would like to see Trump gone. Schmidt, who won a Pulitzer Prize, takes the biographical perspective for two key players who play significant roles in Trump's affairs: FBI Director James Comey and Senior Legal Counsel Don McGahn. Comey was sure that Trump was obstructing justice for Michael Flynn, and his claims and actions would lead to the Mueller investigation, which consumed two years of the Trump Presidency.
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