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Colorful Digital Painting of Wild Flowers in Lucid Watercolor Style (Ref No: A1)

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Looking for a beautiful and unique way to brighten up your walls? Check out this digital painting of wild flowers, rendered in the lucid, painterly style of watercolor art. This vibrant and colorful piece is the perfect accent for any interior, adding life and energy to your space. With its pristine depiction of nature, this painting also has a calming and soothing effect, bringing the natural world indoors in a way that's both refreshing and rejuvenating. Add this stunning digital painting to your collection today and enjoy the beauty of wild flowers in your home all year round.

Upon purchase you will receive 1 JPG file as instant download.

Use the downloaded file for customized printing and framing at any of the online printing and framing services like printful, shutterfly, canvaschamp etc. You may also utilize the service of your local printing and framing shops. Read more about it here.


YOU WILL GET 1 JPEG FILE OF SIZE 28x40 inches (8400 x 12000 pixels) with 300 ppi AS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.

The file can be easily resized to

24x36 inches (2:3 aspect ratio)

24x24 inches (1:1 aspect ratio) and below

18x24 inches (3:4 aspect ratio) and below

16x20 inches (4:5 aspect ratio) and below

11x14 inches

A3 (ISO) 11.7x16.5 inches

You can contact me for any other size after purchase.

For personal use only. No commercial use permitted.

This item can be combined with two other similar paintings available here and used as a triptych (set of three or even, set of two) for greater impact.

You will get a JPG (14MB) file

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