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Once Upon a Punchline (The Funny Thing Is...Collection #3)

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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away…

you were a child. And fairy tales were delightful stories that insisted life wasn’t scary and overwhelming, but magical and sweet. Oh, there were happy endings galore—not to mention plenty of helpful godmothers and wands locked and loaded with life-changing sparkles.

Come on—admit it! That was pretty great.

Now, you’re an adult. And let’s admit this: adulthood isn’t quite as swell as you’d once hoped it would be.

What if you could explore this (ahem) more mature era of life through the same rose-tinted magical lens of a fairy tale?

Once Upon a Punchline is a humorous collection of stories—a little bit parody, a little bit fable, a little bit allegory—and a whole lot of laughs, all aimed at poking fun at the silliness in this era of life called…

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