Holly Schindler Books

From Holly Schindler: I'm a writer. I've won a few awards and gotten some starred reviews. (I am, in short, “critically acclaimed.”) But really, the best part of writing—better than any accolade that can be included in an “about the author” section) is simply putting new stories out there for readers to enjoy.

Recently, I've been hearing from readers wanting to better support authors during the Coronavirus pandemic. Many have contacted me to tell me they've bought paperbacks rather than the lower-cost ebooks. That's incredible! But it's a big leap between a .99 ebook and a $10 (or more!) printed book. So I've started this store as a kind of "tip jar." You can absolutely still buy ebooks here for the listed price, but if you want to chip in an extra few cents, that's fantastic. I just wanted to give readers a way to offer support and still have enough money left during these lean times to buy themselves another read.

Thanks, in advance, for all you do as readers. Writers couldn't do it without you guys. If you'd like to drop a line, you can reach me at HollySchindler.com