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Understanding and Using Auras & Chakras to Strengthen Your Readings- Online Workshop

This hour long workshop helps you to better understand the aura and chakras in a reading. By being able to interpret what you are seeing you will be able to go more in depth for your clients and give them a more thorough reading.

Auras and Chakras

The energy layer outside an object is often referred to as the Aura, while the Chakras are the energy centers within the body. Both correlate to one another in terms of color, and what you see in both also can indicate what issues your sitter is dealing with. Whether you can see Auras and Chakras with your minds eye or you use Oracle or Tarot cards to assist in your readings, by understanding the various locations and colors you will be able to bring a more accurate reading to your client. Topics include:

  • Chakra locations
  • Chakra Health Indicators
  • Auric locations
  • Auric Health Indicators
  • Colors and how they correspond
  • More!

Workshop Details

This workshop is held monthly. Below are the details for January:

Monday, January 22, 2024 · 4:00 – 5:00pm

Time zone: Los Angeles (PST)

Link to the Workshop and documents for download are provided upon purchase.



Meet Gwen Robinson

A little about me and why I chose this path... from the time I was young, I was able to sense Spirit all around me, whether it was a person or animal. I didn't understand why no one else saw what I could. I was told I had a wonderful imagination, but nothing more. I knew I was different, and learned to keep it quiet. As I got older, my empathetic gifts blossomed, and I often found it challenging to be around a lot of people, as well as my dreams becoming very lucid and giving me premonitions of various events. At this point I made a concerted effort to try to block anything and everything I was feeling. It was during this stage I began "playing" with Tarot Cards as an outlet for the restlessness that was being buried inside me, and I found it to be an amazing outlet for my gifts.

It wasn't until my 30's that Spirit would not allow me to ignore them any longer, and I accepted who I was meant to be wholeheartedly. I began studying through the SNUi, and taking courses through there with the Arthur Findlay College schematic in Mediumship and Spiritualism, where I found my passion and my purpose. I also began taking courses here in the US & UK through Mediums such as Lisa Williams, where I became certified as an International Psychic Medium, and in 2017 a Master Teacher with LWISSD. I have also studied under John Holland and Gordon Smith. Along the way I also became a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, spending many years in study and practice to achieve this.

I have taught at LilyDale, done platform events internationally, and have found my joy in teaching in order to give back the knowledge I have gained over the years. My Soul purpose is in healing and helping those on this side to find peace, closure, and direction, along with guiding and nurturing each individual on their own Spiritual Path. 

I am blessed by God with these gifts, and would love to be able to share them with you. Have a beautiful day!