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Get Your Sh*t Together by David Tee


You don’t want to spend months or even YEARS learning pickup techniques and “GAME”. You want immediate gains in your self-confidence and better reactions from every woman you meet, which compel you to continue

​This is NOT a long book. Because the concepts in it are not complex and don’t require going into excessive detail. You’ll be delighted at how quickly you can internalize the mindset explain within, and apply it to your life.

It’s an action plan for men who want to see a massive improvement in their dating lives QUICKLY.
I travelled a lot in my early 30’s. During that time, I met a small number of guys who didn’t really have any “game” or “pickup skills”, yet still always seemed to have an abundance of the very most beautiful girls in their company.

None of these men were particularly handsome, nor were any of the many women who adored them the “gold digger” type. Naturally, as a hardcore student and (back then) teacher of the “PUA” mindset, I was intrigued as to why these average-looking guys were able to attract so many women with virtually no effort.

What I realised is that these men had something that the vast majority of men lack, and will most likely spend the rest of their lives trying to figure out. I studied the way they carry themselves, the things they said & the actions they took, and the way they felt about women and themselves, and eventually began to understand the core of their mindset, which I have explained in this book.

This book explains the EXACT STEPS TO TAKE and the MINDSET that will allow you to stand out above the VAST MAJORITY of men.

Most men do not understand what makes women attracted and make the SAME MISTAKES AGAIN AND AGAIN, finding themselves banging their heads against a brick wall. It’s not about looks, money, your height, your skin colour, your income level, or the car you drive. IT’S ABOUT HOW YOU SEE YOURSELF. 

So what DOES make a woman feel attracted to a man?

All but the most superficial women don’t mind if you’re “flawed” in some way. The key is to become a man who is comfortable in his own skin despite what you might think is unattractive about yourself. It’s when a woman can see that you’re good at expressing your authentic self, and that your authentic self is a guy who knows he is enough, that she will decide that she’s into you. You don’t need to buy her drinks and flowers, or do her favours to win her affection. You just need to become a man who is perfectly at ease with himself and can handle any shit the world throws at him. And this book will teach you exactly how to do that. 

If right now you believe that you are deserving of anything less than the highest quality women who YOU find attractive, this book will help you to change that.

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