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How to earn $ 45000 in extra Income – step by step Guide to building Wealth.

How to earn $ 45000 in extra Income

Step by step Guide to building Wealth.

S Barath


To All my gurus who have taught me how to make money!

Table of Contents


Introduction.. 7

Chapter 1.. 8

Starting a business. 8

Should you need capital?. 8

What is Know-how?. 9

Why entrepreneurs are different?. 9

Should you do what you are good at?. 16

How much capital do you need?. 16

What about Internet business?. 16

Create your vision and mission statements. 17

Create your Business Plan.. 18

Bootstrapping. 18

Are you making any sales?. 19

Are you getting customers?. 20

Study the market. 20

Study the competitors. 20

Chapter 2.. 22

Do you have a product?. 22

7 Steps in Product development. 23

Product Idea Brainstorming.. 23

Evaluate the Ideas. 23

Market Evaluation.. 23

Analysis. 24

Prototype and Marketing.. 24

Market Testing.. 25

Prepare for Launch.. 25

What are you selling?. 26

Creating a product line. 28

Where to find manufacturers?. 31

Process Mapping. 36

Delegating and outsourcing. 36

Chapter 3.. 40

Put in systems and processes. 40

Replicate your model59

Chapter 4.. 61

How to increase sales?. 61

Talent, passion and vision.. 63

How to recruit your initial employees?. 64

Learning Vs Doing. 66

B2B Vs B2C Markets. 67

Conclusion.. 70

About the Author. 71



If you are looking to earn some extra income or start a business part time this book will help you get started. If you have been wasting all your money in all get Quick Rich products and books then this book will be a GOD send and you will find all that you need to start a business and run it successfully.

I can guaranty that you will be making money once you finish reading this little book.

Thank you,



Chapter 1

Starting a business

If you don’t fit in the normal crowd and if you are not successful at your job then probably you are entrepreneurial by nature. When you hate doing your job and don’t fit in the corporate climate most often you are facing the entrepreneurial seizure and all you have to do is seriously think of starting a business.

There are examples of successful corporate executives started businesses and have made them very successful and so even if you are successful at your job and want to start a business then you are in the right track.

If you are new to starting a business then you will be asking a question – how to start a business and this book gives you the step by step start up advice.

To start a business people always think of capital first. And,

Should you need capital?

Yes, capital is very important for starting a business but more than the capital the know-how about your business is very important. There are hundreds of successful examples of entrepreneurs who have started from scratch and so, capital is important but it is not the only determining factor.

What is Know-how?

Know-how is how to do the business and what to do in a business. It cannot be acquired by merely reading a book or listening to audio books and these are things you need to either learn by trial and error or learn it from an expert and so on...

The great entrepreneur and author w.clement stone in his legendry book “the success system that never fails” says that you need to have Activity knowledge to succeed and Activity knowledge is something that you learn by doing a task repeatedly.

Basically entrepreneurs need to have skills in

  • Planning
  • Project management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Cash flow management
  • Building systems
  • Managing people


Why entrepreneurs are different?

World is either made of employees or entrepreneurs and often all employees are little bit confused about entrepreneurship and understanding entrepreneurs.


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