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Acoustic Guitar Basics Free video course

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This Free course will get you playing the acoustic guitar in no time.

You will learn all the basics needed to get you started, along with strumming patterns that will have you playing songs in a very short period of time.

During the videos any chords that are being used will appear onscreen and there are video inlays to give you a closer look at what my left-hand fingers are doing. A visual representation of the strumming patterns will also be shown onscreen where necessary.

The course should take approx. 5 weeks to complete if you are an absolute beginner with no previous experience. Also if you've always wanted to play guitar or tried to learn guitar before but found changing chords or strumming was difficult then this is the course for you.

There is a free e-book available with the course content if you want to have the material in that format.

Any questions about the course content contact me at
You will get the following files:
  • MP4 (92MB)
  • MP4 (52MB)
  • MP4 (35MB)
  • MP4 (49MB)
  • MP4 (44MB)
  • MP4 (153MB)
  • MP4 (151MB)
  • MP4 (79MB)
  • MP4 (175MB)
  • MP4 (111MB)
  • MP4 (78MB)
  • MP4 (244MB)
  • MP4 (115MB)
  • MP4 (208MB)
  • MP4 (122MB)

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