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EDCE 611 Quiz 1 Liberty University Answers

1.     Mid-adolescence is a time for developing

2.     The counselor and teacher may share the responsibility for implementing the classroom guidance model.

3.     Which of the following characterize emotional development during mid-adolescence?

4.     Unidimensional thought refers to

5.     Developmentally appropriate interventions for children and adolescents should be

6.     Which of the following areas is NOT commonly addressed by a student development program?

7.     Which of the following best describes the “imaginary audience”?

8.     According to your text, developmental guidance and counseling can be as-needed, remedial, crisis, and/or prevention oriented.

9.     Which of the following is NOT true for 8-year-olds?

10.  Developmental school counseling models are meant to help students achieve

11.  In terms of their cognitive development, most early adolescents shift from

12.  Units written for a counseling curriculum should include

13.  During middle childhood, children are

14.  School counselors sometimes have difficulty finding time when they can reach students for developmental guidance. Counselors might use ________________________ to deliver the developmental counseling curriculum.

15.  Which of the following characterizes preschoolers’ emotional development?

16.  The six components of a classroom guidance and counseling lesson contain: purpose and objectives, stimulus activity/procedures, classroom-level discussion, personal-level application, closure, and evaluation.

17.  Guidance models span K-12 and have defined competencies for each grade level.

18.  In today’s schools, counselors need to assume the role(s) of

19.  In 1991, ASCA published National Standards for School Counseling Programs.

20.  Counselors need knowledge about child and adolescent development because

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