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...and shall call his name Jesus

...and shall call his name Jesus is a book based on the life and work of Jesus according to the writings of Luke's gospel.
The Gospel according to Luke offers the western reader a more contextualized perspective of the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth; it is a unique vision, different from the Jewish interpretation of the other gospels that present Jesus more as a regional Messiah than as the one God has sent for reconciliation for all humanity.
Not to be separated from the others, because it was never that purpose, otherwise it could not be considered as a gospel of Jesus.
It is a narrative presented by a non-Jew who knows nothing of Jewish culture, in fact, does not have that background, which discovers in Jesus not the man turned into a god, in the Greek way, but God himself manifested in a man to show men how God is in His nature.
Luke writes not for a public, his writing is a private letter addressed to his friend, Theophilus, who at one time was his traveling companion on the journey through Jerusalem in search of Jesus, of whom they had many references to his works.
Luke presents historical facts of Jesus, not as historical accounts, but as interpretations of a message that His contemporaries could not see or understand about the way back to God. Luke keeps in mind from beginning to end in his writing that the things he writes about are to remember the aspects of faith in which they were taught by those who saw Him from the beginning.
Luke comes out of a Greek philosophical environment accustomed to the philosophy and mythology of gods, demigods, and destiny; however, in his writing there are no hints or traits of his old way of thinking and acting, so when Luke presents the stories he does so from a perspective of growing faith, as a child who has learned to walk on his own and discovers new spaces he did not know before. Luke rediscovers in the account of the work of Jesus the doctrinal postulate on which the testimony of the Gospel of the Kingdom is based.
That is why Luke's Gospel is important, it offers us a broader vision of faith in Jesus, it is a vision of growth, of true spiritual growth.

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